• S-Network Global Indexes
  • Posted December 7, 2017

One Addition in S-Network Durable Dividends Mid-Cap Index Annual Reconstitution

New York, NY, Thursday, December 7, 2017 — The S-Network Durable Dividends Mid-Cap IndexSM (TICKER: SNDDMX) will add one constituent in its annual reconstitution, effective 6:00 PM (EST) Sunday, December 17, 2017, changing the number of index components to 49.


 The addition to SNDDMX is: Jabil Inc (TICKER: JBL US).


A complete list of constituents and weights will be posted on the S-Network Durable Dividend Indexes website (www.durabledividends.com) as of the effective date.


The S-Network Durable Dividend Indexes are designed to include the highest dividend yielding stocks in each of eleven GICS sectors that pass screens for durability.


The S-Network Durable Dividend US Mid-Cap Index (SNDDMX) consists of 50 companies included in the S-Network US Mid-Cap 500 Index (TICKER: SNM500). The constituents are chosen from among the top-yielding SNM500 constituents using a series of screens for durability, including cash flow, EBITDA, and current debt to equity ratio.


More information can be found at www.durabledividends.com.


Index: S-Network Durable Dividend US Mid-Cap Index — TICKER: SNDDMX



Index: S-Network Durable Dividend US Mid-Cap Total Return Index — TICKER: SNDDMXTR